GT00403: One Of The Main Issues That Can Be Found Based On The Article Is That Medina Still Felt: Organizational Behavior Case Study, BU, Malaysia

University Brown University (BU)
Subject GT00403: Organizational Behavior

a) Identification of the main issues – Provide an overview of the key issues and problems.


One of the main issues that can be found based on the article is that Medina still felt some sort of dissatisfaction even after all the achievements. She keeps on wondering whether she is on the right track of her journey or not at all because she feels like she was making no progress as time flies by. The next main issue is that Madina did not care about her work-life balance. We could see that she spent most of the time working on her career instead of being concern about her family matters.

Medina really concerns about her professional life that she will do whatever she pretty good at, which gives her the motivation to improve and develop herself. For example, she defined a “good job” as something that you can learn and contribute ideas to anyone you could teach something new to. She is working not just for the sake of money but to give valuable things to everyone and to have it back in return.

In terms of personal life, she prioritized more on the quality of her research and positively impacted society. She believes that there is no need to rush things because a Ph.D. requires a certain level of research maturity as well as a clear vision of what you want to research, how you want to get results, and how your research will benefit society. Therefore, Madina disagrees with her classmates’ intentions which is to continue with her Ph.D. as soon as possible, and chooses to stick with her own plan which is to have a baby first.

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One of the ways Victor Krassenko approach his professional life is by dedicated all his life to his job. Victor has already been through a lot just to be what he is today. In the article, we can see the proof that Victor really dedicated his life towards his job by virtually “lived” in his office so he could dedicate all his time just to build and develop his business. Victor also indeed an “idea person”. As we can see, that during their university life, as soon as meeting Madina for the first time, he already shared his idea and his solution. He always comes with a good idea and is a creative problem solver.

Next, in terms of personal life, he had been neglected his responsibilities as a father and a husband. He was so busy with his job and even spend his night at the office without thinking about his family. With his busy life, his wife was unable to devote as much time to her career as she would like to due to taking care of their children. He also always thought that his main priority
is to make sure his daughters have a decent education abroad.


Sultan Mussina exuded trust and integrity, quickly establishing a connection with several seekers and conversing with them about their work and employers. Sultan is a self-reliant person. He studies hard to get the scholarship, to pay the university tuition fees and rent. He tries to reduce the burden of his parents.

He was awarded the university president’s fellowship. Sultan’s participation was supported by the dean, with someone he had already developed a relationship with during the recruitment process. Sultan was thankful for the scholarship because it helped him pay his expensive Almaty living costs and university tuition costs. Sultan is an intelligent person and becoming more famous. Sultan was named the winner of the award with the highest overall master’s ranking.

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Immediately after graduation, Sultan began working as an analyst for a financial fund group, and a year later, he became the finance department head of another major financial firm. He moved over to another banking group as an executive director and vice-chairperson of the company after two years. Finally, at the age of 26, he was hired as director-general and chairperson on KazConsult, a major consultancy firm. Sultan on the cover of a well-known business magazine. After a while, he became a member of Kazakhstan’s powerful financial elite.

b) Analysis and evaluation of the issues/ problems – Conduct a thorough analysis and discuss in detail the key issues of the selected case study. The discussion should be supported with relevant organization behavior concepts and theories.


Based on the first main issue which is Madina still felt some sort of dissatisfaction even after all the achievements, it shows that Madina has a self-esteem type of personality. Self-esteem is the feeling of self-worth and liking or disliking oneself. Sometimes, Madina felt pangs of conscience due to insufficient time she had spent with her family especially her children. In some ways, Medina seems ungrateful with all of her achievements and wanted to be like others especially her own mentor where he could remain flexible despite all of his achievements in professional as well as personal life. Moreover, she also often compares her life with others. For example, she stated serious differences by comparing her life with her own mentor after considered him as a perfect role model for her to follow in his footsteps.

The second issue which is Madina did not care about her work-life balance really match the concept of affective commitment. An affective commitment is the attachment of positive emotions to the organization, its values as well as its goals. It relates to how much employees want to stay in the organization just because they want to. For example, Madina does not care about working for long hours in the education field with unworthy salary payments as long as she satisfied with her work. Besides, she also determined to achieve the goals of gaining and generating new knowledge in academia, thus, she chooses to defend herself and stay in the same industry even how hard her husband trying to underestimate her working life and ask her to move to another higher-paying industry.

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From the main issue, I believe that Victor Krassenko’s personality trait is
conscientiousness. Conscientiousness is a basic personality trait that represents the tendency to be responsible, organized, hardworking, goal-oriented and follow rules and norms. We know that Victor is a hard-working, organized, and goal-oriented person and has been proved himself. He also still felt the responsibility towards his daughters and make sure they to study abroad even though he was busy with his job.

Meanwhile, as someone who is already successful in business, he should know how to manage his quality time between his personal and professional life. With his irresponsibility personality, therefore the issue can be linked to the following OB theory Total Quality Management whereas Victor is unable to activities and unable to analyze that what should he do to help his wife in order to take care of their daughters.


Sultan’s personality trait is agreeableness. The Big Five personality theory includes agreeableness as one of the five personality characteristics. In a personality test, an individual with a high degree of agreeableness is usually warm, friendly, and polite. They have a positive outlook on human nature and get along well with others. Sultan has a high ability to get along with others during the master program entrance test.

Casually discussing their work and employers, he can quickly establish friendships with some of the candidates. For instance, Madina thinks that Sultan demonstrates trust and integrity, quickly establishing a connection with some of the candidates and conversing with them about their employment and employers. Madina and Victor are very interested in Sultan because they had established a warm friendship, encouraging each other, and exchanging learning resources and sources.

The facet of Sultan’s personality trait is a straightforward person. He could quickly determine a person’s social standing and did not waste time with people who could not help him. He will reduce communication with his friends who are useless to him after graduation. He reduces communication with Madina and Victor. As shown in the case, Madina was unaware of Sultan’s accomplishments since they had ceased communicating once they graduated, but only for two phone calls. As Sultan advanced in his career, he steadily reduced his communication with Victor.

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