FY008: Required to select two topics out of the lecturer material you have been covering during the course of this module: Ways of Learning about the Social World Assignment BNU, UK

University Buckinghamshire New University (BNU)
Subject FY008: Ways of Learning about the Social World


Ways of Learning about the Social World
In order to complete this essay, you will be required to select two topics out of the lecturer material you have been covering during the course of this module. An example of two topics to choose (ONE bullet point for your assignment):

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  • Class and Ethnicity
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Children and Childhood
  • Crime, Power, and Punishment
  • Health and Wellbeing and the Welfare System
  • Influence and Power of the Mass Media
  • Life Chances and Social Mobility
  • Education and Childhood

You can choose any other two topics which are not mentioned above. Your essay should identify(Name and give a brief outline) and discuss relevant concepts(ideas and general notions that occur and in the mind that can be related to a given topic) and theories such as that related to (Childhood, Gender, Wellbeing et al) that have been covered during the course of the module or which you have discovered during your independent study research. Use real-world examples or other empirical evidence to illustrate (Show) or support (Back up) your arguments. The assignment brief has a suggested structure for the essay. I would remind you that the subheadings are for guidance only to ensure the clarity of the content required. Please ensure all subheadings are removed before the submission of the essay.

Learning outcomes

LO1 Demonstrate ways of learning and knowing about society and the sociological imagination.
LO2 Demonstrate understanding of disciplinary language, vocabulary, and investigation techniques in social science study.
LO3 Apply key concepts to real-world phenomena and experiences.
LO4 Demonstrate acquisition of a range of academic skills.

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