Explain the nature of the legal system: Pearson BTEC HND in Law Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of Law (UOL)
Subject Pearson BTEC HND in Law
LO1 Explain the nature of the legal system
P1 Explain different sources of law.

P2 Explain the role of government in law making and how statutory and common law is applied in the justice courts.

M1 Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal system in terms of recent reforms and developments.
LO2 Illustrate the potential impact of the law on a business
P3 Using specific examples, illustrate how company, employment and contract law has a potential impact on business. M2 Analyse the potential impacts on business through differentiation between legislation, regulations and standards.
LO3 Examine the formation of different types of business organisations
P4 Explore how different types of business organisations are legally formed.

P5 Explain how business organisations are managed and funded.

M3 Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the formation of different types of business organisations.
LO4 Recommend appropriate legal solutions to resolve areas of dispute
P6 Compare and contrast different sources of legal advice and support for dispute resolution to make appropriate recommendations to legal solutions. M4 Recommend legal solutions for resolving a range of disputes, using examples to demonstrate how a party might obtain legal advice and support.

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