Explain how to use continuous quality improvement tools and techniques to meet regulatory: Leadership and Management Assignment, UL, UK

University University Of Lincoln (UL)
Subject Leadership and Management

Section One

  1. Explain how to use continuous quality improvement tools and techniques to meet regulatory and best practice guidance requirements.
  2. Evaluate the potential signs or indicators of poor practices.
  3. Describe how quality assurance practices inform quality improvement activities.
  4. Explain how governance, audit processes and compliance activity can support person-centred, outcome-based practices.
  5. Identify areas where digital technology could improve or enhance outcomes-based person-centred practice.

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  6. Identify and act on lessons learned from incidents and events.
  7. Review the extent to which systems, processes and practice facilitate positive outcomes for individuals.
  8. Evaluate the achievement of person-centred outcomes to identify where improvements could be made.
  9. Analyse the processes and models of best practice in ‘change management’.
  10. Evaluate the tools available and skills needed to inspire change, development and innovation across the service.
  11. Evaluate the range of external drivers for change and how these impact on service Evaluate success factors and barriers to implementing effective change

Section Two                                    

  1. Discuss the main legislative and regulatory frameworks that inform quality standards within own organisation
  2. Review quality standards within own organisation and their impact on positive outcomes for users of services
  3. Evaluate a range of methods that can be used to measure the achievement of quality standards
  4. Analyse how quality assurance standards relate to performance management

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