Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process: Research Project, Assignment, ECL, UK

University Empire College London (ECL)
Subject Research Project
  • Unit Learning Outcomes:
  1. Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process.
  2. Conduct and analyze research relevant to a business research project.
  3. Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders.
  4. Reflect on the application of research methodologies.
  • Assignment Brief

The Pearson- set the theme for use with Level 5 Unit 11: Research Project is Transformation of the Workplace.

Workplace transformation is the rethinking of flexible workspaces to accommodate different kinds of work, workers, and technology.

Driven by new technologies and increasing globalization the workplace has been evolving rapidly to support these constant changes. The changes in technology, roles, and competencies have provided countless opportunities for enhancement and change within organizations and as the world of work changes so does the workplace.

Deloitte in their report entitled ‘ Workplace transformation in the digital age’ identified four dimensions of the workplace ecosystem that needed to be considered in any workplace transformation strategy

  1. space, relating to the design of office buildings and space;
  2. place, relating to how the workforce is spread across different locations;
  3. technology and the requirements needed for employees to carry out their roles and collaborate;
  4. talent relating to organizational structure and culture. In the wake of the recent global pandemic, all these dimensions of the workplace ecosystem are having to be reimagined.

Many organizations already have had to refocus their workforce plan to ensure a fully remote workforce has the capabilities and technologies available to continue employee connectivity, engagement, and productivity. Navigating this new way of work is crucial to support business operations and has far-reaching implications for the future.

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