Evaluate why YourOrg needs to change, using an academic theory about organisations: Project Management Assignment UK


The assignment comprises 7 (SEVEN) tasks. You must respond to all tasks.

Task 1: Overview

Identify and describe your chosen organisation (YourOrg) in one paragraph of no more than 100 words. Then summarise the project you have conceived (YourProj) in a second paragraph of no more than 100 words.

NOTE: these two paragraphs will not receive any marks and do not count against the word quota for the assignment.

Task 2: Projects in the Organisational Context

Evaluate why YourOrg needs to change, using an academic theory about organisations. There are a number of ways in which projects can facilitate organisational change. Critically discuss how you have conceived YourProj and why it is the most appropriate for facilitating change in YourOrg.

Task 3: Project Types and Execution Models

Explain why there are different types of project and different execution models. What type of project is YourProj? Explain what execution model you will use for YourProj, and justify your decision. What role will standards play in the execution of YourProj? Explain how you would exploit new technologies in managing YourProj.

Task 4: The Project Proposal and Planning Project Execution

Write a project proposal for YourProj. Your proposal should include, but should not be limited to: planning, resourcing, monitoring, control, budgeting and quality assurance. Use citations to indicate the source of ideas you are using in your proposal. If you don’t have data for some sections of your proposal, you may make any reasonable assumption.

Task 5: The Role of the Project Manager

Using academic sources and a critical approach, discuss how you would design the job of the project manager of YourProj to ensure that sufficient attention is given to leadership, administration, ethics, relationship management and the impact of culture.

Task 6: Risk, Uncertainty, and Ambiguity

Specify and critically evaluate a process that you will use for managing risks that may affect YourProj. Using academic sources, assess the potential impact of uncertainty and ambiguity on YourProj and explain how you would manage them.

Task 7: Project Closure and Evaluation

Identify and critically discuss the three most important tasks that must be done in the closure phase of YourProj. Propose a framework, supported by academic sources, which will help stakeholders reach some conclusions about whether YourProj has been successful.

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