EEM7014 analyze, and summarise the contents of a technical subject agreed upon in advance: Technical Publications and Presentations Assessment, UK

University University Of Surrey (UniS)
Subject EEM7014 Technical Publications and Presentations Assessment


Students need to gain an understanding of how academic abstracts and associated papers are created, drafted, and produced for publication in terms of both methodology (including constraints) and content. This assignment will enable students to experience much of the formulation process by following formal submission procedures specified by a recognized academic publisher and by using good academic content currently available

Assignment Aim:

To identify, analyze, and summarise the contents of a technical subject agreed upon in advance and generate a suitable Abstract and Academic paper that reflects the chosen content and that is presented in a format commensurate with that specified by Appendix 1 (an abridged version of available at

Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes are intended to be for students to able to:

  1. prepare abstracts and papers intended for scientific and technical publications
  2. supply correct references to support academic assertions and hypothesis
  3. professionally acknowledge ideas and material borrowed from other sources.

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