ECE2110: In this assignment you will create eight 8 1⁄2” X 11” physical poster or digital infographic: Learning Through Play, Assignment, CDI College, UK

University CDI College
Subject ECE2110 / Learning Through Play


In this assignment you will create eight 8 1⁄2” X 11” physical poster or digital infographic that outline the  value of play in the eight learning centres commonly found in a childcare centre.

You will research the benefits that each learning centre provides children and list the materials that may be found in each of these learning centres. The posters/infographics must be finished in such a way that they could be displayed in a childcare centre.


1. You will research the benefits and materials that each of the following learning centres provides:

  • Creative Arts Area
  • Dramatic Play Area
  • Book/Library Corner
  •  Blocks, Construction, and Floor Toys
  • Music and Movement Areas
  • Science and Discovery Table
  • Outdoor Play Activity
  • Table Toys and Manipulatives

2.  You will examine how each of these learning centres help children’s development by looking at the types of materials that are in the learning centre, as well as the type of play that the children engage in at each particular centre.

3. You will create eight 8 1⁄2 X 11” posters (one for each of the listed learning centres) that name the centre and list the benefits to children at that area. The product must be aesthetically pleasing and should include realistic and recognizable pictures.

4. You will list the materials that are commonly found in each learning centre on the back of each poster (or page 2 of each infographic) (the benefits will be the front side of the poster).

5. Your products must be ‘ready for display’ i.e. make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors). You will be keeping these for your own use in the future.

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