EAT227: In “Browse” mode, select Table “Process Universe” and Subset “All Processes”And Choose one process from each of the 3 categories available: Manufacturing Processes Assignment, US, UK

University University of Sunderland
Subject EAT227: Manufacturing Processes

Task 1:

  • In “Browse” mode, select Table: “Process Universe” and Subset: “All Processes”.
  • Choose one process from each of the 3 categories available.
  • In your own words, give a summary of each of the 3 processes chosen. For each process, make sure you include information on
    (i) the nature of the process,
    (ii) the types of materials that can be processed in this way,
    (iii) the characteristics of the components which are produced by the process and
    (iv) economics of the process.

Task 2: 

  1. In Canvas, or from within CES, open the “Case Studies – Manufacturing Processes” document. Choose one of the process selection case studies presented. You may choose a case study from elsewhere if you wish.
  2.  You are now going to use CES to work through the chosen process selection exercise, generating all selection charts manually.
  3.  Click the “Select” tab.
  4. Choose the appropriate “Process Universe” category for your chosen process selection case study.
  5. Reproduce every selection step exactly as described in the case study.
  6. Provide your own commentary which shows clearly how you perform each step of the selection exercise and which links them together. Are there are any references in the literature that confirm that your shortlisted processes are actually used to manufacture the selected parts?
  7. Write an overview of your process selection case study methodology in your own words.


  • Thorough understanding of all key points and distinguishing features and factors
  • Reasons given for all decisions, all aspects understood, very clearly explained, and correct
  • All calculations correct clearly explained and presented
  • Sourcing a range of information and appropriate acknowledgment/ referencing of these sources
  • A clear structure was used and good critical analysis
  • Demonstration of thorough knowledge across substantive areas
  • All issues/aspects addressed thoroughly and clearly

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