Developing a mathematical model of the lateral dynamics of an aircraft approaching: Simulation of Engineering Systems 3 Assignment, UOG, UK

University University of Glasgow (UOG)
Subject Simulation of Engineering Systems 3


Part 1 of this Simulation of Engineering Systems 3 Assignment involves the modelling, simulation and validation of an Instrument Landing System (ILS) Lateral Beam Guidance System. This part of the assignment involves developing a mathematical model of the lateral dynamics of an aircraft approaching using ILS for guidance. This model will be implemented in Matlab code and as a Simulink block diagram. The responses from the Simulink block diagram will be used to analyse and validate the Matlab model and its associated simulation. This document provides background information about this system, followed by the problem specification for the mathematical model of the system and its simulation. Also, the Assignment Specifications are provided as a step by step guide for this part of the assignment.


Most major airports have an ILS which can be used for automated or assisted landing of aircraft. Basically this is a short range navigational aid which provides azimuth (horizontal) and vertical position information. This assignment involves the development of a simulation of this system for lateral beam guidance as outlined in this document.

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