Design a preliminary hardware for a specified microprocessor-based: Microprocessor Based Systems Assignment, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject Microprocessor Based Systems Assignment

1         Introduction

1.1    Coursework Task

The purpose of this assignment is to:

  • Design a preliminary hardware for a specified microprocessor-based
  • Develop and implement the hardware and software of the designed

The developed system is an embedded burglar alarm system, which consists of a PIR sensor (HC-SR501 PIR Module), a buzzer, buttons, LCD Display and LEDs. The alarm includes features contained in a commercial burglar alarm. These features are:

  • A user interface
  • A sounder
  • Timed entry and exit

PIR Sensor

System Specification

The completed system will be required to demonstrate the following supported functionalities:

  • When the system is powered, LED1 will need to be ON and when system is powered off, LED1 will then be OFF.
  • The system will be activated and deactivated when the user presses a button (Input 1)
  • When the system is deactivated, the LED2, LED3 and buzzer will be off, and the PIR Sensor is
    • During this deactivated state, the LCD display will show the word Deactivate, until the system is
    • This is the default state of the
  • When the system is activated, LED2 is ON, and the PIR Sensor is
    • The LCD display will show the word Activate for 4.
    • When the system is initially activated, the user has 6 seconds to exit the protected area with LED2 blinking during this 6
    • After that 6 second, LED2 will be permanently ON and LCD display shows “ALARM ON”.
  • When the system is activated and the PIR sensor detects the presence of humans within a range, the buzzer will sound a short tone of 1 second ON and 1 second OFF continuously for 5 seconds, to notify user the alarm has been triggered. The user has 5 seconds to deactivate the The LCD display shows “SENSOR_TRIG”.
  • When the system is activated, and movement has been detected by the PIR sensor, and if the system is not deactivated within 10 seconds, the buzzer will sound for 5 seconds then pause for 5 The buzzer will repeat sounding and pausing continuously and the LED3 will be blinking continuously with the LCD display showing the message “BREACH ALERT”. Buzzer alarm, LED3 blinking, and display message will repeat continuously until system is reset.
  • When the reset button is pressed for 4 seconds, it will reset the system to the default state as mentioned
  • An additional requirement is when input 3 button is pressed, the buzzer will play a 5 second warning tone on and off intermittently and repeat until the input 3 button is pressed again to disable this functionality.

Assessment Deliverables

    System Hardware

You will be required to construct the hardware circuit on Proteus outlined in Section 1 for this assignment. This will include the following:

  • An overall block diagram illustrating your system

A schematic diagram (pin diagram) illustrating your chosen microcontroller (PIC18F452) and showing the  pin connections and circuit connectivity of the system components.

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