Describe the differences between leadership and management and Analyse two theories of leadership and two theories of management: Leadership and Management in Adult Care Manage Self in Adult Care Assignment, UK

Please refer to the attached activity guide prior to starting, this will ensure that you provide the right evidence to meet the unit requirements and prevent resubmission.

Task 1:

You are required to write an essay in which you:

1) Describe the differences between leadership and management.

2) Analyse two theories of leadership and two theories of management.

3) Explain the impact of external influences on leadership and management on adult care. Please include:

Legislation, regulations, local and national polices and standards, funding, partnership working and global pandemic or other emergencies.

4) In conjunction with the influences described in question 3, you will also have your own operational functions.

Describe your role in the management of the operation functions.

Please include:

Human resource management, workforce planning, recruitment, induction and working in partnership.

5) To enable you to manage the implementation of good person-centred care. It is important to understand the impact of operational functions on delivery of adult care.

Analyse the impact of the operational functions on the delivery of adult care (Unit 1 2.3).

6) Thinking about your answers for the above. Analyse how the role of a leader or manager can influence the delivery of adult care. Give two examples from your own practice (Unit 1 2.4).

7) Return to the theories and models and your answer to question 2. Describe the conflicts that could occur with the application of leadership and management models. Please include:

Values based versus system- based care, individual versus collective needs, person-centred versus process driven (Unit 1 2.5).

8) To manage effective adult care, effective team working is essential.
Analyse two models of team working, relevant to adult care.
( Unit 1 3.1).

9) Describe the different types of teams encountered in adult care. Please include:

Those who deliver care.
Operational teams.
Management and leadership teams.
Other professionals (Unit 1 3.2).

10) Analyse the role of team working in adult care. Please include:
Holistic and person-centred care.

Staff retention.
Company reputation.
Good quality provision of care.
Sharing knowledge and good practice.
Sharing goals and aspirations.
Team values.
(Unit 1 3.3).

11) Using examples from your own practice discuss barriers to effective team working (Unit 1 3.5).

12) Analyse the influence of the leadership or management role on effective teamwork. Please give examples from your own practice (Unit 1 3.5).

13) Part of the leadership and management role is to manage quality and implement change.

Analyse the concept of quality in care.
Please include:
Quality control versus quality assurance.
Inspection and regulations.
Reviews, planning and evaluation ( Unit 1 1.5).

14) You will need to discuss change.
Please include:
Change as a continuous process.
Reluctancy to change and how you overcome this.
Models of change (Unit 1 1.4).

15) Analyse your own effectiveness in promoting organisational values and culture.

Please include your own values and experiences and how they have shaped organisational values and culture. Discuss the importance of having a shared vision and the reasons why you should communicate the vision to every team member (Unit 1 6.2), (Unit 9 1.1, 5.1, 5.2).

16) Using examples from your own practice, explain why it is important to challenge views and practice that do not promote the organisational values and vision (Unit 9 5.3).

17) Analyse your own effectiveness in taking teams through difficult situations. The global pandemic would be a good example. Discuss the impact that your own emotions have on the behaviours of others. You will need to discuss how your own actions impact on the behaviours of others, including the implementation of high standards of care ( Unit 1 6.3), (Unit 9 1.2, 1.3, 2.1).

18) Using the pandemic as an example, discuss the methods used to reduce your own stress, and support your own wellbeing. how effective were these methods? (Unit 9 3.2).

19) As a manager it is important that you keep your own knowledge, skills and practice up to date.

Review and discuss areas in which your need to develop your knowledge and skills. Complete a SWOT analysis and submit with your assignment (Unit 9 4.1).

20) Compare the different tools and methods of development you use. Please include: Training, supervision, reflective diaries, feedback, and networking (Unit 9 4.2).

21) Assess the use of digital technology on your role as a manager. How much do you use it? Do you need to develop in this area ( Unit 9 4.3).

22) Analyse the impact of your development, skills and knowledge on workplace. Please give examples (Unit 9 4.4).

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