Derive at least four concept designs to satisfy the given specification. Use short written descriptions: Engineering design Assignment, TU, UK

University Teesside University (TU)
Subject Engineering design Assignment

This TMA will form the basis of a design project which will be completed in TMA 2. You should therefore think carefully about which of the following Case Studies you choose, based on your knowledge of the theory and practice of the product chosen.

For ONE of the case studies given on the next page, complete the following:

1 Derive at least four concept designs to satisfy the given specification. Use short written descriptions and simple sketches to illustrate your ideas. Show evidence of the use of the following techniques when creating your designs:
• Brainstorming
• Synectics
• Morphological Chart

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2 Use the weighted objective method to select your best solution from these concept designs.

3 What other information would be required to be able to write a more complete Product Design Specification? (Use an objective tree to clarify and expand upon the vague brief given.)


Case Studies
Choose ONE of the following.

(a) As a keen, but economically challenged, cyclist you need a means of carrying two bicycles whilst travelling between destinations on a touring holiday in your small car which has a tow bar fitted.

(b) An analogue/digital circuit trainer is required for students to construct circuits.
The design requires:
• the ability to build circuits
• associated power supply
• a suitable waveform generator
• a means of measuring current, voltage and resistance

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