CS1809: Introduction There should be an introduction to the software design report, summarising what the purpose of the report: Software Design Assignment, UOWL, UK

University University of West London (UoWL)
Subject CS1809: Software Design

Individual Submission

Introduction There should be an introduction to the software design report, summarising what the purpose of the report is and what all sections within the report will include.

  • Requirements

For your chosen component, a numbered list of clear and detailed requirements should be presented, including requirements for error handling and requirements for the interface.

  •  Pseudocode

This should include the pseudocode for all methods that will be implemented for your chosen component. Pseudocode should follow the same structure and style as presented in lectures. Variables shared between components should ideally have the same name. Variable and method names should also be the same as those used in the class diagram.

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  • User Interface Designs

This section should include user interface (UI) designs for your chosen component, created through Adobe XD or other professional design software of your choice. These must also include interfaces for error handling.

A map including all cities that can be travelled to and from the airport must be presented to the user. The map image that can be used is available on Blackboard. The map must be labelled with all airports in the data. The user should be able to see a list of all departures for the day for each airport on the map when they place their mouse over the corresponding airport label.

The user should be able to see a list of delayed departures for the day that are delayed by at least 30 minutes. For any delays, the departure time, departure airport, arrival airport, the original arrival time, delay time, new arrival time must be shown.

Updated September 2021 4 of 7 Department of Computer Science The interface should also list all flights from BCL airport for the current day, that is departing after the current lifetime.

For example, if the time now is 2:06 pm on 15/10/2021, only flights departing from BCL airport on or after 2:06 pm on 15/10/2021 should be shown to the user. This list should update every 5 minutes. All departure flights from BCL airport within the next 30 minutes should be displayed in red. Error handling needs to be included as well as an interface that is clear and easy to use.


  1. Plan, manage and track a non-trivial activity.
  2. Take an open-ended problem and define and refine the requirements.
  3. Effectively present and communicate solutions to their peers.
  4. Create and use technical documentation

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