Create a fully comprehensive multi-channel communication campaign to attract a new target consumer: Multi Channel Marketing Assignment, NU, UK

University Northumbria University (NU)
Subject Multi Channel Marketing Assignment

Task/assessment brief:

Following on from WRIT 1 – where you were asked to critique a brand’s in-store and online use of multi-channelled communications, you are now required to create a fully comprehensive multi-channel communication campaign to attract a new target consumer for your chosen brand.

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The portfolio outcomes will include:

  1. Introductionto the brand and justification behind your new target consumer.
  2. Define the campaign goals-determine the marketing objectivesover 3-month period.

  3. Identify your target marketand create at least two personas.

  4. Tactics– You must use at least 5-digital marketing tools. These must have a rationale behind their use. You must include ‘mock-ups’ for your campaign throughout your portfolio from all 5-tools chosen.
  5. Monitoring and measurement – outline your KPIsand the technology to be used to collect, manage, store and use the data collected from the campaign. You must show why you have made the decisions you have for your multi-channel marketing campaign and evidence the underpinning research and analysis, including legal, ethical and moral responsibility.

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