CP70042E: Apply systematic understanding and knowledge of computer networks: Network and System Security Assignment, UoWL, UK

University University of West London (UoWL)
Subject CP70042E: Network and System Security

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply systematic understanding and knowledge of computer networks, role of operating systems and a critical awareness of current security problems.
  2. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of computer networking and their operations.
  3. Evaluate the mechanism that are used to implement security policies, including
    authentication and authorization.
  4. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of selected protocols such as the IPSec protocol suite.
  5. Understand the security offered by firewall technologies and the value of intrusion detection systems.


Question 1
Introduction to big data, attacks and its threat analysis.

Question 2
Access control challenges for securing big data.

Question 3
Critically discussion of existing approaches for securing big data.

Question 4
Report structure, reference/citations and readability.

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