COM4004: Cricket World are a leading player in the recreational and competition cricket sector Their clients are high street and online cricket: Software Engineering Assignment, AU, UK

University Arden University (AU)
Subject COM4004: Software Engineering

Assignment Task

This assignment will be based on the following case study.


Cricket World are a leading player in the recreational and competition cricket sector. Their clients are high street and online cricket and sporting goods retailers, and they supply to just about every country. They are not a retail company and they do not sell direct to the public. However, they are not only wholesalers but also manufacturers with factories around the globe.

The company headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. This is where the Chief Executive and the Board are based, along with central support functions like HR, IT, Legal etc. The CEO and Board thus constitute the senior management and are responsible for all strategic decision-making.

The company is global, large and complex and, as such, is structured along its
product lines, with each product category being headed by a Product Director. Each Product Director is responsible for all aspects of that division and thus makes all tactical-level decision. They are based around the world in countries where cricket is popular. Each Product Director reports directly to the Senior Management back in London. There are six Product Directors, heading up the following product divisions:
• Cricket bats
• Batting gloves
• Batting Legguards
• Cricket Helmets
• Cricket Footwear
• Clothing

Within each product division there are many different factories and specialised manufacturing/testing facilities – some in urban settings, others in rural areas for field testing. Each site (factory, testing field) is under the control of a Site Manager who is responsible for all local operational decision-making. Each Site Manager reports directly to the relevant Product Director. The date (DDMMYYYY), country of origin (UK, India, etc.) and site number (01, 02 etc.) of each product made is recorded for quality control and auditing purposes and encoded into a fixed format Product Code.

The serial number of each item and product name is also recorded.
There are some examples below.

Task 1 

Supported by your own (fully-referenced) private research and using the above case study for specific examples, explain and describe the following:

• The software engineering concept and how it differs from programming
• Software implementation and its management via software metrics

Task 2 (Covers LO 2)

Using your own suitable diagrams and the above case study, critically evaluate the traditional ‘waterfall’ and ‘agile’ SDLC methodologies, taking care to highlight the stages, features, strengths, and weaknesses of each. When should each be used? Which methodology would you recommend to this company to use for the implementation of the new IT system?

Task 3 (Covers LO 3, 4 & 5)

Using the supplied case study, illustrate how the Unified Modelling Language (UML) may be deployed as part of an Object-Oriented (OO) software development project. You should ensure that you clearly demonstrate the following UML features:

• Class Diagrams
• Activity Diagrams
• Sequence Diagrams
• Use Case Diagrams

Task 4 (Covers LO 3)

Critically evaluate two implementation languages that could be used to build the planned IT system – one procedural and the other object-oriented. You should include in your response a brief overview of the following programming constructs and how your two chosen languages implement them:
• Sequence, selection & iteration
• Parameter passing and programming interfaces
• Modularity and programming ‘units’

Be sure to supply (and evidence via screenshots) your own code that demonstrates these programming features. For higher marks, you are expected to submit a fully working program but as a minimum, you should submit code snippets that demonstrate the above programming constructs in each language.

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