COCS71188: you will be advising a company called RailIT which is a company that provides IT infrastructure support to a number of companies: Enterprise Cloud Computing in the AWS Environment Assignment, SU, UK

University Staffordshire University (SU)
Subject COCS71188: Enterprise Cloud Computing in the AWS Environment


This document will provide you with information regarding the assessment for the module Cloud, Virtualisation, and Communications. Here you will find an overview of the company which you are consulting for and details of their requirements.

In this scenario, you will be advising a company called RailIT which is a company that provides IT infrastructure support to a number of companies. The company started out supporting specialist IT infrastructure and is now involved with a number of on-premise solutions. The Headquarters for RailIT is located in Stafford, England near the center of the town.

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Company Background

RailIT has noticed like lots of companies the way which they are now working has changed. They had to adapt to working at home due to the Covid restrictions and as such, they provided each employee with equipment and an Internet connection to continue working. Although this legal requirement has now been removed they have noticed they did suffer from reduced productivity and in some of the areas of the business, this even improved. As
such the company will now allow the staff to work off-site if they prefer unless physically required for customer meetings. This has introduced two issues which are an excess of office space and meeting rooms which are not required and additional car parking capacity which again is not needed.

The issue with the office space has been resolved as a neighboring company that also had excess space has now decided to take over the additional office spaces. The issue they still have though is the car parking spaces which they control for the office block. The car park has a capacity for 260 cars and currently on average each day around 40 cars are parked. In the last few months, the peak usage has been 60 cars. The intention for this is to let out the additional car parking spaces to local commuters who use the nearby railway station. These computers will pay in advance for a parking space for a month and anyone who is parking which is not approved will be fined. The signage for the parking fines is being dealt with by a third-party company. The cost is predicted currently to be £30 per month per space, but this is yet to be finalized.

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● 200 car parking spaces are available to be used by paying customers at the headquarters car park
● The payment and registration for the spaces will be done on the 1st of the Month via a website
● The customer will receive an email 7 days before the 1st of the month as a reminder to pay the next month’s fees
● The registration details of any car using the car park that has not been paid will be provided to the independent enforcement company along with a photograph of the car entering and leaving the car park with the applicable date and time.
● The car park already has a full HD camera system installed to monitor the cars which are coming and going as this was needed for security purposes when it was only used by company staff in the past.
● The solution needs to be highly available, secure, durable, and low cost. The Cloud infrastructure can not cost more than they are going to make from this project.

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