CO2411: Make a rock-paper-scissors game Allow the player to play against the computer or another human player: Software Engineering Practices, Assignment UOB, UK

University University of Bedfordshire (UOB)
Subject CO2411: Software Engineering Practices
  • Exercise 1: Rock Paper Scissors game:

Make a rock-paper-scissors game. Allow the player to play against the computer or another human player. Ask for the player to play ( using input). compare them, print out a message of congratulations to the winner, and ask if the player wants o start a new game). Remember the rules

  1. Rock beat scissors
  2. Scissors beat paper
  3. paper beat rock
  • Exercise 2: Remove Duplicates in a List

Write a program (function!) that takes a list and returns a new list that contains all the elements of the first list minus all the duplicates. Extras: Write two different functions to do this – one using a loop and constructing a list, and another using sets.

  • Exercise 3: Cows And Bulls

Create a program that will play the “cows and bulls” game with the user. The game works like this: Randomly generate a 4-digit number. Ask the user to guess a 4-digit number. For every digit that the user guessed correctly in the correct place, they have a “cow”.

For every digit the user guessed correctly in the wrong place is a “bull”. Every time the user makes a guess, tell them how many “cows” and “bulls” they have. Once the user guesses the correct number, the game is over. Keep track of the number of guesses the user makes throughout the game and tell the user at the end.

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