CN7023: Design, implement and deploy a deep learning based custom image multi-class classifier: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision, Assignment, UOEL, UK

University University of East London ( UOEL)
Subject CN7023 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision


Design, implement and deploy a deep learning based custom image multi-class classifier. Write a research report of 5000 words in the style of a research paper, including the following:

  • The research question(s) you are exploring and the experiments you designed to address these question(s).
  • A clear presentation of the methods (implementation, architectures, hyper parameters.) that were used, an outline of how they were deployed, and a justification of your decisions.
  •  A clear presentation of results, discussion and interpretation of results and conclusions.
  •  Please follow the marking scheme and to ensure your report includes all
    required sections.

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Here are some online dataset repositories, or come up with your own:

  • UCI KDD Archive :
  • UCI Machine Learning Repository:
  • NIST Handprinted Forms and Characters Database
  • The mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology (MNIST) data
  •  CIFAR-10:

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