BTEC HND Level 5: Examine what an API is, the need for APIs and the types of APIs: Application Program Interfaces Assignment, UK

University Newcastle University (NU)
Subject BTEC HND Level 5: Application Program Interfaces
Learning outcome and assessment criteria
Pass Merit Distinction
LO1 Examine what an API is, the need for APIs and the types of APIs
P1 Examine the relationship between an API and a software development kit (SDK). M1 Asses a range of APIs for a particular platform that covers a range of uses. D1 Evaluate potential security issues surrounding APIs.
LO2 Apply the knowledge of API research to design an application that incorporates relevant APIs for a given scenario or a substantial student chosen application
P2 Analyze an existing application that could be extended with a suitable API. M2 Design an application that will utilize an API for a given purpose. D2 Create a design for a chosen substantial application that will utilize a range of APIs, justifying choices.
LO3 Implement an application in a suitable development environment
P3 Build on an existing application framework to implement an API. M3 Develop an application that utilizes an API. D3 Construct an application utilizing multiple APIs, following the designs in LO2.
LO4 Document the testing of the application, review and reflect on the APIs used
P4 Design and complete a ‘white box’ test of the application, recording the results. M4 Conduct ‘black box’ tests of your application, recording the results.

M5 Update the application accordingly with the results

D4 Critically evaluate the APIs used within your application. Provide a data security report of your application.

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