BSOM084 The ethnicity pay gap between White and ethnic minority employees has narrowed: Practice data analysis Assignment, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject Practice data analysis Assignment

The Assessment Task
The ethnicity pay gap between White and ethnic minority employees has narrowed to its smallest level since 2012 in England and Wales. Most of the minority ethnic groups continue to earn less than White British employees but, in 2019, those in the Chinese, White Irish, White and Asian, and Indian ethnic groups all earned higher hourly pay than White British employees.

You work as a consultant for Livingstone Data Solution limited, a data analysis firm and you have been requested by the line manager to conduct a detailed investigation on the problems related to ethnicity pay gap in the UK for a local newspaper. Using the government-based data set provided, you will devise a 2000-words report that provides insight on ethnicity pay gap issues in the UK.

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