BDV6223:Determining Systems Requirements: Business Applications Development, Group Assignment, MMU, UK

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject BDV6223: Business Applications Development

PART THREE: Determining Systems Requirements

This is the most crucial stage of the project where the requirements of the new system are to be determined. Assuming that you and your team members have conducted interviews with the organization’s top management and selected employees.

Observations were also conducted to study the current workflow and how the current off-the-shelf software are being used by the employees in completing their day-to-day tasks.

You are now ready to list the core features (functions) that will be designed and implemented in the new system.

Write a report to explain the following:

  • Describe the information system that you and team members are developing for the organization. For instance, you may be developing an online e-commerce system that will allow the organization to promote and sell its products.
  •  List and explain each core function to be implemented in the new system. For instance, a typical online e-commerce system will have key functions such as login, register, view products, order, etc.

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