BDV6223: Foundations for Systems Development: Business Applications Development, Group Assignment, MMU, UK

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject BDV6223: Business Applications Development

PART ONE : Foundations for Systems Development

An organizational approach to systems development, particularly the analysis and design of the systems, is driven by established methodologies, techniques and tools. These methodologies, techniques and tools were developed, tested, and widely used to assist those tasked with key responsibilities during the system development various stages.

Choose a relatively small organization or a business that is just beginning to use information systems. In time, the organization has come to realize the powerful competitive advantages associated with the use of information systems.

As of now, the organization are using off-the-shelf software. As much as the off-the-shelf software are proving to be invaluable in supporting the employees in their respective jobs, the organization soon came to the realisation that compromises must be made by the employees in using these software given that these software core features are not customizable to support the organization’s business growth.

Moving forward, as the business continues to grow, the organization is now ready to develop a dedicated specialized management information system (MIS) to support its key business processes. You and your team members are recruited and tasked with the system development project. Most
system development projects find it beneficial to use a standard set of steps, known as systems development methodology, to develop and support information systems.

You and your team members have decided to adopt the systems development life cycle (SDLC). Write a proposal that explains the
importance of adhering to a systems development methodology, and why SDLC is chosen. In your report, provide adequate explanation for the following:

  • General limitations of off-the-shelf software that most organizations face that ultimately compels the organization to develop their own MIS.
  •  In the beginning, some of the team members felt that Agile Methodologies were more suited. Do a comparison between SDLC and Agile Methodologies. Justify in the report why SDLC is deemed more suitable for the organization that is developing an information system for the first time. In
    addition, make a case for Agile Methodologies for future projects.
  • Although SDLC is the fundamental methodology for systems development in many organizations, it does have its limitations. What are the limitations of SDLC which the system development team members and organization will need to be aware of?

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