An Explanation Of The Main Types Of Radioactive Decay And Characteristic Radiations: Physics Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of Leicester (UoL)
Subject Physics


You are required to write an illustrated report that includes the following:

• An explanation of the main types of radioactive decay and characteristic radiations, including three nuclear decay reaction equations for the three types of radiation.

• An explanation of the origins, penetration, energy deposition, and measurement of different radiations.

• A decay series for Thorium. You must draw this and not take an image from the internet or a book. You can draw this by hand, photograph it with a smartphone, and include the picture with an explanation in your report.

• Two calculations involving radiation dose.

• An explanation of selected uses and safe handling of sources in the industry, medicine, and scientific research.

Where you need to include equations and calculations you must use the examples provided within the relevant sections of the study materials for this unit.

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