A year ago employers were furloughing staff Now many of them are desperately looking for more: Human Resource Management Assignment, UoL, UK

University University of Leicester (UoL)
Subject Human Resource Management

“A year ago employers were furloughing staff. Now many of them are desperately looking for more. The rapid bounce-back in some bits of the labor market—notwithstanding the risk of a new pandemic flare-up—has been good news for workers angling for a pay rise. It is also a boon for staffing agencies, which match firms with potential hires. Beyond short-term dislocations to the workforce, the changing way in which people want to work should keep the recruiters busy”

  • Drawing on strategic HRM models and concepts, discuss the differences between HRM and personnel management and the ways in which your chosen organization’s HR strategies should align with the demands of the labor market.
  • Analyze the impact of national and corporate culture on the management of staff.
  • Critically evaluate the organizational levers available to manage human resources in such a way as to contribute to the sustainable competition.
  • Analyze the job design strategies of the chosen firm.
  • Use corporate examples of local and transnational firms to illustrate good HR practices and relate your discussion to relevant HR literature to justify your stand.
  • Based on the discussion and debate what suggestions/recommendations would you make to employers regarding HRM practices to maintain organizational performance?

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