A Background Statement To Outline The Industry Market Positioning: Marketing Management Assignment, UO, UK

University University of Oxford (UO)
Subject Marketing Management

Assignment Question

Select an Industry, organization, and market scenario of your choice to critically review the essential conditions by which customer loyalty can be built and sustained as a result of a relevant, valued, delivered total customer experience for market segments.

You will be expected, in a 4000 words assignment to give attention to the following;

1) A background statement to outline the industry, market positioning as well as the present unique selling proposition.

2) A marketing audit, (internal and external) outlining the overall market attractiveness and whether there is the potential for market growth.

3) Critically defended new marketing mix actions to achieve gaps between the company’s present marketing strategy and external environment.

Learning Outcomes

L01: Demonstrate skills in carrying out a comprehensive marketing audit and identifying Opportunities and Threats which will change the industry

LO2: Demonstrate marketing research skills through a systemic approach of searching, collecting and interpreting and analyzing data to support the formation of the appropriate marketing plan.

LO3: Apply Findings to create and position a new unique selling proposition. In the process creating a new product in line with future demand.

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