7CO03: Task 3 – Self-evaluate personal and professional integrity about ethical practice, professional courage and influence, and valuing people: Initial Self Assessment and Plan, Assignment, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 7CO03: Task 3 -Initial Self Assessment and Plan

Assessment Criterion 3

Self-evaluate personal and professional integrity about ethical practice, professional courage and influence, and valuing people

Development Objectives

Objective 2:

Participate in scenario-based training or role-playing exercises to practice assertiveness and communication skills in challenging unethical behaviour or practices within the recruitment industry.

Objective 3:

Establish a support network of mentors, colleagues, or professional associations to provide guidance and encouragement in speaking up against wrongdoing, even when it poses risks to reputation or relationships.

7CO03: Task 3 -Initial Self Assessment and Plan

Assessment Criterion 5

Reflect on levels of self-awareness, Self-management and continuous self-improvement, leading to improved organisational success and career progression.

Development Objectives

With respect to self-awareness, my objective is to develop or participate in self-assessment tools or workshops to gain insights into personality traits, emotional intelligence, and motivational factors influencing recruitment performance management.

Assessment Criterion 7

Demonstrate impactful behaviour aligned with broader organisational vision, values strategies and plans.


Conduct a comprehensive review of recruitment processes within the next six months to identify and remove biases. I would like to focus on D&I  hiring and increase metrics from 10%  to 25%.

Assessment Criterion 9

Plan continuing professional development that involves both planned learning and reflection.


Enhanced Candidate Experience: Clear and timely communication enhances the overall candidate experience, leading to higher candidate satisfaction and engagement.

Stronger Hiring Manager Relationships: Effective communication fosters stronger relationships and collaboration with hiring managers.

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