6BUS1259 Modern Milkman is more than just a convenient grocery delivery service. The company focuses extensively: Integrated Marketing Communications Assignment, UOK, UK

University University of kent (UOK)
Subject 6BUS1259 Integrated Marketing Communications

Assignment Title:
Campaign Plan Proposal & Creative Moodboard

Description of the assignment, task, content, and structure:

Modern Milkman is more than just a convenient grocery delivery service. The company focuses extensively on reducing plastic use and packaging that are currently affecting the environment. The company was founded in 2018 and has been expanding its service within and outside the UK, including Hertfordshire. Although the company seems to be successful in its business operation, it still struggles with its marketing in Hertfordshire in terms of low brand awareness.

To address this problem, the company develops a marketing objective aiming to increase its brand awareness in Hertfordshire. Based on your previous analysis (Assignment 1), you are asked to develop a 6-months IMC campaign plan and creative mood board with a budget of £20,000 to help achieve this goal. The company would like you to cover the following elements:

  • Develop one IMC campaign objective
  • Recommend an appropriate integrated marketing communication mix
  • Develop an appropriate media plan, including media selection and media objectives
  • Create a creative mood board for TWO selected medias, demonstrating campaign concepts, messages and creative ideas with some mock-ups
  • Develop an estimated schedule for the proposed media plan
  • Propose appropriate KPIs and measurements for the campaign

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