5CO03: This Unit Focuses On How Applying Core Professional Behaviors Such As Ethical Practice: Professional Behaviors And Valuing People Assignment, UOD, UK

University University Of Dundee (UOD)
Subject 5CO03: Professional Behaviors And Valuing People


This unit focuses on how applying core professional behaviors such as ethical practice, courage and inclusivity can build positive working relationships and support employee voice and well-being. It considers how developing and mastering new professional behaviors and practices can impact performance.

CIPD’s insight

Rotten apples, bad barrels and sticky situations: unethical workplace behavior (April 2019) Workplace ethics has been an increasing focus for businesses, policymakers, and regulatory bodies in recent years. In the wake of corporate scandals, talk often turns to how organizations can change their culture and manage unethical behavior. But, to make a much-needed change, we need to understand why unethical behavior occurs in the first place. With this knowledge, business leaders and people professionals can take meaningful action to tackle it.

This report Rotten apples, bad barrels, and sticky situations: a review of unethical workplace behavior provides evidence-based, practical lessons that people professionals and leaders can use to minimize the likelihood of unethical behavior in their workplace.

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