504MAN: Expand the organization from its current size by gaining new resources of manpower by employing: Resource Management Assignment, CU, UK

University Conventry University (CU)
Subject 504MAN: Resource Management

The vehicle rental and leasing industry support over 465,000 jobs, which contributes £49bn to the UK economy each year (BVRLA, 2019). Rabbits Vehicle Hire Ltd is an independent rental company, set up and established in 1989 by Kevin Rapson and Graham Dore. Rabbits Vehicle Hire has 27 employees currently. (Zoominfo, 2021). Which targets both individuals as well as corporate customers they meet the needs of demand.

The aim of this resource plan is to expand the organization from its current size by gaining new resources of manpower by employing 8 new staff members for which the HR specialist will be responsible. However, they will be assisted by the managers that will be responsible for each role when they start to employ accurately. The job positions will be posted on both indeed and LinkedIn to reach a wider range of people and minimize the risk of being unable to fill the position with the required skills. The cost of this 12-month resource plan comes up to £208,322. Which isn’t viewed as a large amount in comparison to the profit reserve of £1,365,851 which the company has. After investing in this plan the company would still be left with a £1,157,529 profit reserve. This investment may increase sales leading to more profit. Meaning the company would be able to get a return on investment within the first year.

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