Working Partnership in Health & Social Care Essay Sample

This essay sample is going to provide you with an insight into what a working partnership is and how working in a partnership is important in health and social care centres. While talking about the role of working partnership, this essay sample will also discuss the purpose of working as a team in healthcare services, four philosophies of partnership working and types of relationships.

This will help you to gain knowledge and understanding of the partnership working through the evaluation of the relationships that occur with the service users, strategies to improve the partnership working and what could be the potential barriers and outcomes when working as a team for the common objective of providing care and support to the patients.

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How to define working partnership in health and social care?

Working partnership in health and social care can be defined as the collaborative relationship between the participating members based on trust, equality and mutual understanding to achieve the common objective. Partnerships working in health and social care are built to bring out the best while working together as one apart from being separate organizations.

To improve the quality of services and benefits, the people involved in the working partnership and the people who are going to be served must be in a good relationship. Therefore, working partnerships in health and social care centres denote the healthy relationship between the health care employees, employers and the patients who are taken care of.

Importance of working partnership in health and social care services

Working in a partnership is very essential for the growth of health and social care services. Partnership working is meant to form groups in order to share the power by using pooled expertise and resources. Working partnerships tend to increase the sense of responsibility among the workers, employees and leaders of the health and social care centres.

Therefore, there is much importance of working partnership when it comes to healthcare and social care. Also, the partnerships are supposed to enhance the efficiency of the service provisions. So, having a good working partnership to take care of patients to ensure that the organizations are moving forward with the common approach and with an equal sense of determination.

Purpose of a team in health and social care

The purpose of a team in health and social care is to work in a group by having experts who have come together towards a common goal. The purpose of working in a team in health and social care must be pre-decided. The team can be of 2 or more individuals who have come together with equal responsibility for the success and failure of the working operations.

When an organization form a team, the results come out would be better as each individual share their own ideas and the groups as a whole have more risk-taking abilities than an individual. Every individual must be highly motivated when it comes to sharing the same field. Thus, a team in health and social care ensures the safety of the patient with the proper care in the health care centre.

Forming a team can be a better decision of partnership working because a team can ensure the quality of services through offering what is expected in taking care of the people and what helps the most in their speedy recovery. So, the role of the team in working partnership is huge after knowing that a team is good in handling serious situations of emergency quite effectively and is capable in making better decisions quickly. Thus, the better manageable the team is, the more the quality of services would improve.

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Philosophies of partnership working in health and social care.

There are mainly four philosophies of working in a partnership in health and social care.


Empowerment in health and social care is about having the freedom and power to make your own decisions depending on what is best to you. The health and social care staff and people who are being taken care of have the sense of authority to make their choices according to what suits them. Therefore, every individual in the health care centre can choose in accordance to their convenience and needs. For example, people have the rights to make choices of what food to consume and what timings.


The principle of respect in health and social care gives every staff member a sense of responsibility that every patient is equally important and gets necessary care treatment. This makes sure that patients and staff does not involve in any conflict and respect each other’s individuality.


Independence is one of the crucial philosophies and principles in health and social care because independence helps people to choose whatever they feel is best for them. Every individual at the healthcare centre has basic rights to take decisions which further help the management team to incorporate the right plan for the patients according to what suits them.

Making Informed choices

Making informed choices is the most important principle for health care service centres. In order to make informed choices, the proper conversation between the patient and caretaker should happen. It decides how patients would be administered by knowing which routine of treatment is working for them or which is not.

Types of relationship with an evaluation of partnership that can occur with services users in health and social care services

Following are the different types of relationships that could occur between the service users and different departments in a health and social care centre

  • General relationship: This type of relationship can be seen in the caretaking staff of the health and social care centre. It shows the people who work within a team and share the same perspective to become available for help when required.
  • Limited relationship: the good example of a limited relationship is top management team where interaction with the service users is very negligible. When two teams interact only they get the approval of each other, they form limited relationships.
  • Relationship at will: It is very commonly seen between the vendors and the supply team. In the health care centre, medical staff and finance team is always at a relationship at will with service users. This relationship has almost no communication and hence the relationship forms between the two groups are at will.

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Strategies to improve partnership working in health and social care

In making the right strategy to improve partnership working in health and social care, a number of issues has to be considered. Undoubtedly, working in a partnership is very helpful to achieve the common goal of the organizations. But, Is not moving with the right strategy for success matter the most? Thus, to form a successful working partnership, every aspect need to be taken care of.

The main reason of the failure of the working partnership is mostly the lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities. Therefore, in a trustworthy working relationship, it is significant to ensure that every staff member of the health and social care align with their roles and responsibilities clearly and efficiently.

However, maintaining the balance in the role and responsibility of each member is not easy. So, many working partnership organizations appoint a strong person who can lead the groups with productive decision-making and communication skills.

Thus, if employees make their roles clear in their minds, the quality of services will become better and patients get proper treatment and care.

Potential barriers to partnership working in health and social care services

There can be some potential barriers in the working partnerships which creates big problems in providing adequate care to the patients in health and social care services.

  • Communication: It is considered to be the critical barrier in most cases of partnership working. There should be proper and efficient communication to occur between the family members of the patient, caretakers and patient himself.

The relevant information and message should be conveyed to the health care workers so as to make better connections and to reach out at the proper solution. Thus, if there is efficient communication, then the required necessary steps can be taken quickly.

  • Unskilled staff: lack of sufficient skills can also become a huge barrier in providing care in the health and social care centres. Inexperienced staff in the partner organizations would become the cause of unsuccessful partnership working relationships. In partnership working, every employee and worker should have an aim of working together in alliance. However, one employee with a lack of confidence and motivation can create a big fuss towards the common objective. Hence, organizations always make sure their workers should perform well.

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