Role of Communication in Health and Social Care Essay Sample

The primary responsibility of healthcare workers is to look after and care for people in their vulnerable times. When patients are in doctor’s care, they must advocate for and ensure their well-being and provide them with the support they need for a successful recovery.

Health workers will better equip patients in their transition from one care environment to the next by proactively interacting and engaging with them following discharge, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and fewer 30-day readmissions.

For the best results, the patient must be at ease, necessitating a calm and private atmosphere to the extent permitted and confidentiality. If such an atmosphere is not provided, the patient can choose not to talk freely. Quality contact between a nurse and a patient often necessitates the use of time. 

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Know about the role of communication in health and social care

In health care, the advantages of good communication are often not taken into consideration. The art involves creating a human link with patients or coworkers and the science relating to the tools and technology that enable those connections. People are social creatures who need assistance from others, especially when they are at their most vulnerable stage of life. 

You will need to talk patients through complex procedures, empathize with their fears, address any questions sympathetically or help people calm down when they are nervous or upset to discharge your duties better and reduce the chance of a medical mishap.

Benefits of effective communication in healthcare

People’s health can be improved through effective contact.

Practical communication skills will also help you build positive results for your patients by connecting with their treatment and taking an interest in treating the illness they are dealing with. 

This may be as easy as persuading someone with heart disease to consider losing weight or as complicated as assisting someone struggling with a medical problem to find a cure that makes them feel happier and healthy. The argument is that learning how to speak to others and communicate with them constructively will drastically change the outcome of a conversation to make the patient recover faster.

Money is saved by effective communication.

Good communication is also not just for a patient’s health. It is also essential for doctors to examine the problem. According to several reports, poor communication can lead to misunderstanding between health care workers and patients and can also lead to prescribing inappropriate medications or discharging patients who should have been held overnight.

What are the types of communication in health and social care?

Listening and attending

Listening is the act of understanding what is said by the patient and attending means showing full attention to the patient in order to understand their needs. The health care worker must be able to listen carefully to what a patient says and understand it so that he/she can offer appropriate advice or care.


Nonverbal communication is the process of sending and receiving information without using words or using only a few words, such as facial expressions, gestures, and posture. The nurse must be able to read the patient’s body language so that they can offer appropriate advice or care.


The nurse must ask questions to find out what the patient needs and what they can do to help. The nurse is able to ask questions in order to get a better understanding of their patients’ needs.

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Why promote effective communication in Social & health care settings?

The importance of nonverbal communication cannot be overstated. There may be occasions when the service customer has difficulty communicating verbally. Understanding their needs without having to say them out loud and ensuring that they understand is critical to their care.

Recognize the effect of cultural differences on communication. All the skills come naturally to a care worker because, in addition to their core number, general employees, and English. 

As healthcare leaders, they have the responsibility of meeting and caring for people in their lives, when they are most vulnerable. When patients are in their care, it is their duty to advocate for and ensure their wellbeing, also to provide them with the support they need for a successful recovery.

Reasons for communication in health and social care 

There are several reasons why communication is necessary in health and social care.

The patient or client has a right to information that is relevant to their healthcare needs. Patient has the right to know what is happening and why it is happening so that they can make informed decisions about their treatment. A good communication environment allows the patient to express their needs while being listened to.

Reduce their anxiety 

It is important for the nurse to reduce a patient’s anxiety by listening to their concerns and offering reassurance. Anxiety can cause a patient to speak too quickly, which can make it hard for a nurse to understand them. When the nurse has listened carefully, they are able to offer appropriate advice or care.

The workers of healthcare who are skilled in different sets provide treatment to patients. All their skill is different they work according to their work area. To provide proper treatment, they must interact with one another to get a perfect result. 

Prevent mistakes and save money

It is not only about the patients; in the healthcare industry, good communication with coworkers and colleagues is vital. Poor skills of communication may cause mistakes on exams, also prescribing and administering incorrect medications. A health care industry’s highest priority should be learning to interact efficiently with coworkers.

Barriers ineffective communication in health and social care

Adverse medical outcomes are more likely when healthcare is delivered ineffectively. In that case, they will ignore its consequences, and high cholesterol of them will not check a timely. If they are not informed about the impacts and other side effects of it, they will not get to know that darkened urine and muscle aches are rare side effects. 

Nurses’ and patients’ cultural principles and expectations may also contribute to misinterpretation or reinterpretation of main messages.

Ineffective communication between nurses and patients may be hampered by competing demands, a lack of privacy, and background noise. Suppose the essential of having medicine is not conveyed to the patient. The ability of patients to interact effectively can be hindered by their diagnosis, pain, medication and anxiety.

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Health care staff can aid better communication by eliminating inefficient administrative and repetitive activities and offering a common forum for the most up-to-date healthcare information. There is also a need for improved training, data protection, unlimited technical support, and daily app upgrades, making us a true all-in-one care management solution. 

Communication between the nurse and the patient begins at the first point of contact or the patient’s treatment. This correspondence continues throughout the care period. Usually, it takes time to build trust between patients and health care workers to provide the best possible care for the patient. 

All patient-centered, evidence-based, timely, reliable, secure, and organized programs should be designed. As a result, patients will be more educated about healthcare systems and will be able to participate more in health decisions. Effective communication enhances care services by increasing clarity and sincerity about everyday needs and tasks. People will feel motivated and manage as an effect of this.

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