Safeguarding in Health and Social Care Essay Sample

Safeguarding in health and social care are the actions and measures taken under the laws to avoid, promote, and protect the well-being of children, young people, and vulnerable adults from any kind of abuse, harm, and neglect in society. Safeguarding comes out as a concept decades ago in the UK to introduce the collection of duties towards people who are experiencing abuse or are at risk of it.

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Thus, in the essay sample, we are going to discuss the role of safeguarding in the health and social care sector and how it is important, safeguarding laws related to what is safeguarding adults within the organization means,s and safeguarding principles and policies in the UK.

Role of Safeguarding in Health and Social Care

It is important for everyone to understand the role of safeguarding when it comes to providing care and support to those who are in need. Safeguarding is defined as the term that covers a wide range of measures and principles to ensure that children and vulnerable adults must be protected from abuse and neglect under basic human rights.

Safeguard unsafe adults and children must be responsible health and social care organizations to create their lives free from any intolerant activities. Generally, anyone could be vulnerable at some point in life and need safeguarding. Primarily, safeguarding can be considered as the method to fight against the serious issues in society related to abusing, neglecting, or harming a person in every sense.

In health and social care, abuse can be physical abuse, domestic abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse or discriminatory abuse should be well treated. However, neglect is a very common issue in societies when it comes to children. The role of safeguarding takes a step in when infants do not care and treated well whether intentionally or otherwise. Safeguarding is looking out to stop people to take advantage of children or any helpless individual.

When basic human rights are concerned, the children are safeguarded by receiving special care and support from health and social care workers in the UK.

Importance of Safeguarding children, young adults, and vulnerable people

Safeguarding is very important to those groups of people who feel unsafe and unprotected among their friends, family, or in a close environment. The groups who are in question are mostly children, young adults, and vulnerable people. Anyone related to these groups who are at risk of abuse, harm or neglect must be safeguarded under the roles and responsibilities of health and social care services.

Since children and vulnerable people have abilities to keep themselves safe, thus, it is significant for others to ensure care and support happens. As a result, it is a foremost role for those who are around these groups to aware of what safeguarding is and how it play a major role to make them feel safe.

Let’s understand safeguarding importance from examples of safeguarding in care homes. Consider a care home for elderly people. In this service, staff members looking after to those people who are with an insufficient level of health, quality of life and decision-making abilities. Thus, as the carers, it is the major responsibility for them to ensure that relatives of elder person should not take advantage and prevent an elder person from any kind of physical abuse.

Physical abuse is considered as the major cause of harm in the most cases of elderly people. Thus, safeguarding prevents and protects them from this. The safety of whistleblowers against elder person should also be comes under the safeguarding practices of the health and social care services.

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Safeguarding Laws in the health and social care UK

Safeguarding is a duty for all the organizations and businesses in health and social care sector in the UK, whether it is public or private. There are a number of laws that support the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

These laws are set by the local authorities in UK which includes standards, processes and precedents. Let’s take a look at what are the major laws that people and workers in the organization needs to be aware of such as

The Children Act 1989

This Law is the core section of legislation to provide roles & responsibility of health & care homes to safeguard children. It aims to describe the number of orders to be followed by health and social organizations for children being cared for, supervised, and protected properly. This act has a major priority to focus on making sure the well-being of children.

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 

This Act reinforces the principles of the Children Act by increasing care leavers provisions, providing responsibility to clinical commissioning groups and protecting whistleblowers from any kind harm.

The Care Act 2014 

Care act 2014 safeguarding is the section of the legislation that focuses on protecting vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect or any harm. To safeguard vulnerable adults in UK, this act is the framework for everyone to make safe environment for adults to combat any abuse. However, Safeguard adults in social work must be the responsibility of the organizations where they are working.

Many social and healthcare workers face challenges and abuse at their workplace. Thus, under this law, an organization started to implement safeguarding policy within to make sure about the safeguarding of health and social worker in health services. So, this act eliminates the question of how does health and social care workers safeguard themselves.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

Safeguarding adults, roles and responsibilities of health and care services is quite clear now. However, this act of safeguarding vulnerable adults and other groups provides the measures and vetting processes for those who are working with vulnerable people. Thus, safe recruitment of the right individuals has to be taken in order to prevent any abuse, harm and neglect of vulnerable workers.

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Principles of Safeguarding

The principles of safeguarding create the key aspects of understanding how safeguarding works in the health and social care and reminds the human rights to every individual. The core principles of safeguarding are listed below:

Empowerment – This principle shows that vulnerable people and adults have all the rights to make their own decisions and should feel empowered and supported by others.

Prevention – Safeguarding focuses on preventing the abuse, harm or neglect before it happens and helps people to understand that it is better for vulnerable people to feel safe in advance.

Proportionality – Safeguarding measures must be taken in proportion of the risk. Thus, this principle is to make sure that safeguarding practices should be strive for proper care in the lives of vulnerable people and their families.

Protection – Protection is the most important principle of safeguarding. Thus, it ensures that those who are in need must be provided with adequate protection in whatever way they need it, whether physical or mental.

Partnership – Communities including businesses, local authorities or any individual as a whole should make sure to play their role in health and social care to prevent, detect and report neglect, abuse and harm of vulnerable adults and children.

Accountability – All organizations should know about the responsibilities and transparency of processes to fulfil accountability of their services when it comes to safeguarding.


Vulnerable adults and children must be safeguarded by health and social care services after understanding their roles and responsibilities. There is much importance of protecting the individuals who feel unsafe in their environment by making sure to aware of their basic human rights established under the legislation of the UK. Safeguarding policies and laws must be followed by the healthcare organizations not only for their care home patients but also for their workers working for them.

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