Safeguarding the Vulnerable Adults from Abuse Essay Sample

According to Care Act 2014, safeguarding adults is defined as protecting an adult’s rights to live in safety, free from abuse, neglect or harm in the society. Safeguarding in health and social care relates to the measures, actions and practices taken to protect vulnerable adults by promoting their overall well being.

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Here in this essay sample we are going to describe some factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse, how does mental health make you vulnerable to abuse and how can communication difficulties lead to abuse. With the principles of safeguarding, we will talk about the types of abuse that play major role in the safeguarding adults based on their abuse.

Now, let’s take a look at the risk factors for abuse that contribute to adult’s vulnerability.

Risk Factors that increases the adult’s vulnerability to abuse and harm

  • Lack of Mental Capacity:

Lack of mental capacity can be the most important factor of vulnerable adult being abused. It is mostly found in older people or someone with mental disability or illness. The age and illness are the most common factors that increase the vulnerability of the adults. Due to these mental problems and issues, many adults feel unsafe in the society and are unable to protect themselves while they are subjected to abuse or neglect.

The risk of abuse due to lack of mental clarity can be greater in the following conditions:

  1. A person with cognitive impairment
  2. A person who is suffering from depression
  3. A person with alcohol abuse
  4. A person poor relationships in the family
  5. A person who is physically or verbally torched
  6. A person with behavioural problems

Therefore, Safeguarding laws and policies of the government protects these mentally vulnerable people. Safeguarding in the health and social care supports the prevention of older people or vulnerable adults from abuse, harm or neglect. Older people and vulnerable adults are the most sensitive people in the society and are at great risk of abuse by their families, friends or even care takers in care homes.  Thus, healthy people who are contact with them should have a responsibility to raise their voice against the abuse and take actions as soon as possible before it happens.

  •  Communication Difficulties:

Many vulnerable adults are mistreated due to language delays in their speech which creates unusual interaction. This communication difficulties leads to abuse of the mentally disabled vulnerable adults and children. Many children and adults with impairment have been identified as the serious cases of abuse and neglect just. The individuals who came from different backgrounds and social class are also need to face abuse and neglect because of the lack of language knowledge among the friends and society. Communication problems are one of the most obvious causes of neglect.

Thus, safeguarding the vulnerable adults from abuse is the initiative to protect those who are more at the risk of abuse due to lack of proper communication.  Studies have shown that disabled adults are more likely to experience abuse than their peers. Therefore, safeguarding them is the major responsibility under the laws of health and social care services.

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  •  Low Self Esteem

In many cases of abuse of vulnerable adults, the low self esteem has been one of the main causes. The low self esteem of a person can be due to many reasons and factors and can be very serious issue of vulnerable person abuse under the domestic violence. If the victims of the abuse have low self esteem then it can cause them to stay under the depressive and abusive state of relationships.

Thus, safeguarding in the health and social care protects people with low self esteem from any kind of abuse and harm.

  •  Experience of abuse:

Past experiences of the abuse can also be the reason that increases the vulnerability of the person to abuse and harm.

  •  The physical dependence on others:

Children, adults and old person who have physical dependence on others are most at the risk of abuse in the society.  The physical dependence can be a physical condition or disorder in which a person uses tolerance forming drug which causes unpleasant physical symptoms results them to physically unable. Thus, being dependent on others for personal care and activities in the day to day life increases the risk of abuse and harm by physically able person.

These are the main factors that increase the vulnerability of the adults to abuse and harm. Now, let’s take a look at the reports that have noticed some factors of serious cases.

  • Lack of access to health and social services.
  • Ineffective working partnership between services
  • Social isolation and exclusion
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Vulnerable People who are receiving care and support but having families that does not involve in their care.
  • Fail in identifying the signs of abuse
  • Poor staff recruitment processes

Types of Abuse in the society

  • Physical abuse:Any physical violence, mistreatment, misuse of vulnerable person’s medication can be related to physical abuse.
  • Psychological abuse: It includes the emotional abuse of the vulnerable adults who are threatened, humiliated, blamed or harassed by verbal or communication abuse.
  • Financial abuse: This is abuse comprises of financial related causes of fraud, exploitation, black mailing under pressure of a person for property or financial transactions or any kind of misuse of any type of possessions or benefits of the person.
  • Neglect and acts of omission: It includes ignore the person care, treatment, support in the needs of special medical or physical disability which creates failure in the access of adequate health and social care services.
  • Discriminatory abuse: It based on the inequality such as racism, sexism or abuse based on the person disability or backgrounds.
  • Modern slavery: This kind of abuse is mostly related to the slavery of the person and cases of human trafficking.
  • Organisational abuse: As the word suggests that this abuse is related to neglect or harm of the person at workplace, institution, care homes, hospitals etc due to poor care practices.

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Principles of Safeguarding

The principles of Safeguarding in health and social care to create the key aspects of understanding how safeguarding works in the health and social care and reminds the human rights to every individual. The core principles of safeguarding are listed below:

Empowerment – This principle empower the vulnerable adults by aware them about their rights to make their own choices by informed consent.

Prevention – Safeguarding focuses on preventing the abuse, harm or neglect before it happens and support, care and represent those who are in greatest needs.

Proportionality – Safeguarding measures must be taken in proportionality of the risk. The proportionate and less intrusive response must be appropriate for the risk appeared.

Protection – Protection ensures that those who are in need must be provided with adequate care services to protect them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Partnership – Communities including businesses, local authorities and organization have their role in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect, abuse and harm of vulnerable adults.

Accountability – There must be responsibility and transparency of processes to fulfil accountability of the health and social care services in safeguarding.

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