You work in the HR Team of a medium-sized organization and are studying for your people practice qualification: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Case study, MUL, UK

University Middlesex University London(MUL)
Subject Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Business Culture and Change in Context

Case study

You work in the HR Team of a medium-sized organization and are studying for your people practice qualification. In a recent discussion with your manager, you expressed how important you thought it was for employees to understand the organization’s business environment. You feel this is especially important for people who practice professionals as their roles impact the policies, processes, and values of the organization, which in turn impact all the people within the organization.

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Principles of Analytics

Case study

Your recently appointed People Practice manager is surprised by the limited use of metrics in the department and wants to address this concern by raising the knowledge and understanding of the People Practice Team. The manager wants to express that using different forms of evidence and data can help make informed decisions and judgments on all manner of working practices and situations. You have been asked to prepare a presentation and presenters’ notes in readiness to be given to the People Practice Team on their next learning and development day. Also, by way of an example, it has been requested that you provide an interpretation of survey data that has been
collected from three departments in the organization.

Core Behaviours for People Professionals

Case study

You are currently a Junior Associate in People Practice and are working on your CIPD qualification. A local television production company has contacted the Head of your Study Centre to ask for some assistance. They are making a current affairs program on business issues and ethical practices. They are particularly keen to highlight the role of a People Practice team to help support and promote ethical practice in organizations following a number of well-publicized examples of unethical practices and exploitation at work.

Essentials of people’s practice

Case study

You have recently been appointed as a member of a People Practice outplacement company. One of your first assignments is to support a client called Technow, a rapidly growing technology company started four years ago by a brother and sister partnership.


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