CMM517: Identify and discuss information security risks in a variety of environments: Information Security Management Assignment, MUL, UK

University Middlesex University London(MUL)
Subject CMM517: Information Security Management

On successful completion of the assessment students will be able to:
1 Identify and discuss information security risks in a variety of environments.
2 Demonstrate an understanding of information security management requirements.
3 Apply and justify the use of appropriate cryptographic algorithms for the design and implementation of secure systems.
4 Select appropriate security services for a particular computer system.

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Background to the Case Study Company
FlySafe is a Scottish company which has been operating for the last three years in the private aviation sector where it provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Flight Management System (FMS) for world-wide operators, corporate flight departments of larger corporations, brokers and fixed-based operators to manage flights on behalf of their clients. The FMS helps organisations manage their flight operations by providing a web-based application where they can sign in to perform a variety of functions such as:

  • Add their client data (name, email, phone, addresses);
  • Add aircraft information;
  • Create and edit flight plans for their client;
  • Add their crew member information;
  • Generate reports, etc

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