Explain server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites: Computer science Assignment, UCAS, UK

University Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)
Subject Computer Science

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites.
  • Categorize website technologies, tools, and software used to develop websites.
  • Utilize website technologies, tools, and techniques with good design principles to create a multipage website.
  •  Create and use a Test Plan to review the performance and design of a multipage website.


Wireless, public hotspots, mobile broadband, and unlimited network connections mean that accessing and using the internet to request use, and post information has never been so easy, or so important. As a public, organizational, and business demand increases so does user expectation. Designers need to successfully use technology to deliver a high quality and consistent User Experiences (UX) through friendly and functional User Interfaces (UI). However, as the software and hardware evolve, so does the challenge of design.

This unit introduces students to the underpinning services required to host, manage and access a secure website before introducing and exploring the methods used by designers and developers to blend back-end technologies (server-side) with front-end technologies (client-side). To help ensure new designers are able to design and deliver a site that offers an outstanding User Experience (UX) supported by an innovative User Interface (UI) this unit also discusses the reasons, requirements, relationships, capabilities, and features of the systems they will be using and gives them an opportunity to explore various tools, techniques and technologies with ‘good design’ principles to plan, design and review a multipage website.

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