EG5016: To establish control points around the site to be used for setting out the design: Surveying Field Scheme (RESIT), Assignment, UOEL, UK

University University of East London (UOEL)
Subject EG5016: Surveying Field Scheme (RESIT)


Task :

  •  To establish control points around the site to be used for setting out the design.
  • The coordinates of two stations can be found by resection from the yellow targets (details on Moodle)
  • Each person of the group is required to observe at a minimum of one point.
  • Each person of the group is required to book and reduce the observations at a minimum of one point. (thus a 3 station traverse)
  • Two rounds of horizontal to be observed at each point (changing the zero each time) with a maximum spread of 20” (if not achieved extra rounds will be required until they are).
  •  A “Station Description” of each point is required
  • Calculate the coordinates of each point.

The control is to be observed as a closed loop traverse. Each person is to calculate the traverse INDEPENDENTLY to obtain the point coordinates from the raw observations: Determine the angular and linear misclosures, apply corrections as appropriate using the Bowditch method of adjustment. The coordinates will be required for the setting out task. Check with each other, otherwise the whole group could fail by the actions of one.


Identify the control points. The three tripod traversing technique will be used. The instrument is to be set up at each point in turn working around the traverse in an anticlockwise direction – each student is to observe and book (including reduction to measured value) the observations for at least one station. Each student is responsible for the observations at all the points. Horizontal angles are to be observed as rounds of face left and face right observations. At least two rounds should be observed with a maximum spread of 20” using different zeros. All observations must be reduced / calculated at the point before removing the instrument.

On completion, you will need to confirm that your total internal angles add up to the required amount. Calculation of the actual co-ordinates is required to be carried out as the results form the basis of the setting out task.

Levels of each station are required to be determined by vertical angles and checked using an automatic level. Bench Mark (BM) value to be taken as 5.510m OD.

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