EG5016: To enable the student to carry out resections, measure areas and use a total station: Civil Engineering and Surveying, Assignment, UOEL, UK

University University of East London (UOEL)
Subject EG5016: Civil Engineering and Surveying

Aim : To enable the student to carry out resections, measure areas and use a total station

Task :

To survey the grassed area on the dock edge. Use the total station to measure the area of the grass and create a relevant drawing. Carry out a second resection, measure the distance between the points and see how they compare to the calculated distance.


The co-ordinates of the reflectors are available on Moodle


  1. Use flags to mark two points on the grassed area by the dock edge, about 10 metres apart.
  2. set up the total station over one of the flags and carry out a resection to determine the co-ordinates of the point.
  3. Switch the total station to reflectorless mode and observe to each of the corners of the grassed area. Find the area.
  4. Move total station to second point (flag) and carry out another resection, noting the coordinates.
  5. Download the points and feed them into Excel or AutoCAD to create a drawing of the site. Compare the area obtained and the distance between the points between those measured and those calculated.

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