EBUS602: Millstone Packaging Draw a map of the main product flows and process steps at Millstone Packaging, using data from the case study: STRATEGIC OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Case Study, UOL, UK

University University of Liverpool (UOL)


Case Study: Millstone Packaging (Please see attachment)

1. Draw a map of the main product flows and process steps at Millstone Packaging, using data from the case study. Describe these flows in writing. Highlight the main operational trade-offs faced at Millstone Packaging while
referring to the order winners and order qualifiers. Identify specific operational challenges the company is facing and describe how relevant dimensions of performance (e.g. customer satisfaction, economic performance, delivery time) relate to these challenges.

2. Using Exhibit 2, calculate the unit fill rate separately for each design type (New, Amended, Repeat), and for the entire operation, as given by the definition: Unit fill rate = Total product quantity filled on time /Total product quantity to be delivered

Present your findings in a table and discuss them in detail, highlighting any problem areas revealed by your investigation. Additionally, investigate the tardiness (lateness in days) per category. (Use supporting data and make reasonable assumptions as necessary. Do NOT show step-by-step calculations).

3. Highlight two distinct initiatives you would recommend to address the problem with delivery performance (on-time deliveries) while maintaining high operational efficiency. (Your arguments should be supported by evidence from the case and your preceding analysis).

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