During the COVID-19 lockdown the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) considered that, with the growth of the organization: Business Management Case study, MUL, UK

University Middlesex University London(MUL)
Subject Business Management

Case study

During the COVID-19 lockdown the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) considered that, with the growth of the organization, the current business structure and strategy may need updating. Currently, the company operates a strict centralized policy, with most operations dictated by the head office and a traditional ‘top-down’ management structure across the organization.

The CEO is aware that not all the managers are happy with the centralized approach, particularly two managers who were employed at their venues prior to the acquisition, and sometimes express that they ‘prefer the old way’. The CEO is also aware that BMC has neglected the people side of the business, particularly outside London, and that BMC now has a legacy of high staff turnover and low employee satisfaction.

As post-lockdown trading has resumed, managers are reporting that it is becoming more difficult to recruit the staff they need and that they are therefore having to ask even more of existing staff, adding to the staff dissatisfaction. Whilst business is generally good, competition (for both staff and customers) from small independent cafes, offering more varied menus and locally produced foods, is becoming an issue.

The CEO has called managers to a Strategic Planning Day, aimed at reviewing and updating organizational strategy.

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  • Task One –Report for strategic planning day

To ensure the Strategic Planning Day is productive, the BMC CEO has asked you to prepare a report about organizational strategy, including how people practice can support strategic change and the achievement of business goals. The aim of the report is to ensure managers’ understanding of organizational strategy and the connections between structure, strategy, and the wider business environment, as well as the potential role of people practice.

Most of the managers attending (a group of 10 managers and 10 deputy managers) have said that they have limited theoretical knowledge of organizational strategy. The report is to be provided to them before the meeting to inform discussions on the day.

  1. an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of two different types of organizational structures – BMC’s structure and another of your choice.
  2. an analysis of the connections between organizational strategy, products & services, customers, and revenue generation.
  3. an analysis of the external factors and trends that are impacting or are likely to impact BMC’s future strategic direction.
  4. an assessment of two current strategic priorities for BMC and what has caused them.
  5. a critical evaluation of the relationship between the employee lifecycle and your work (or potential work) as a people professional.
  6. explanation of two key themes that are currently impacting people practice and shaping how your area of people practice supports the organization.
  7. an assessment of how people practices can impact on organizational systems and structures.
  8. an assessment of how the BMC People Practice Team:
  • connects with and could support the two strategic priorities at point 4 above
  • would consult with relevant parties to clearly understand needs for this.
  • would plan relevant projects and ensure they were delivered in line with requirements.

It is essential that you relate to academic concepts, theories, and professional practice for the tasks to ensure that your work is supported by analysis. Please ensure that any references and sources are drawn upon are acknowledged correctly and supported by a bibliography.

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