Design efficient networked systems and implement and diagnose networked systems: Networking Assignment, OBU, UK

University Oxford Brookes University (OBU)
Subject Networking

Learning Outcomes

  • Design efficient networked systems
  • implement and diagnose networked systems


You are employed as a network engineer by a high-tech networking solution development organization and are working on a project for a local educational institution. You will need to analyse the specification from the institution below for completion of this project within a given timeframe:

People: 200 students, 15 teachers, 12 marketing and administration staff, 5 higher managers including the head of academics and the programme manager, 3 computer network administrators

Resources: 50 student lab computers, 35 staff computers, 3 printers

Building: 3 floors, all computers, and printers are on the ground floor apart from the IT labs – one lab located on the first floor and another located on the second floor

Part 1 Design efficient networked systems:

1. Prepare a written step-by-step plan of how you are going to design a Local Area Network including a blueprint of your LAN.
2. Justify your choice of devices for your network design.
3. Produce a test plan to evaluate this design for the requirements of bandwidth and cost constraints as per user specifications.
4. Install and configure network services and applications of your choice.
5. Justify the security requirements and quality of services needed for the selection of accessories.
6. Design a maintenance schedule to support the networked system.

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