CTEC5806_DL: Victim Steven James Neilson (AKA Stevie) Has Been Murdered But It Is Not Clear Who The Killer Is: Digital Forensics: Principles & Practice DL Course Work, MUL, UK

University Middlesex University London(MUL)
Subject CTEC5806_DL: Digital Forensics: Principles & Practice DL

Particulars of the case:

Victim Steven James Neilson (AKA Stevie) has been murdered but it is not clear who the killer is. In addition, there is no indication of the motive at present; a background check is being carried out.

Suspect Andie Green was at the site and phoned the Police, looks like there was an altercation between the deceased and suspect Andie Green, suspect Andie Green denies stabbing the victim.

The victims’ phone was recovered from his pocket at the scene. Suspect Andie Green’s phone was seized, no relevant evidence was found on this phone; Suspect Andie Green gave her statement to Detective Ian Robert Edwards, from which we have another two suspects (Matthew Briggs and Adam Westland) in custody; their phones were seized to investigate further. Detectives visited the victims’ homes and seized the victims’ laptops.

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All digital devices that have been seized as part of the case have been handed over to the forensics lab technician to forensically image, the forensic images will be provided to you so you can analyze them and write up your report. Leicestershire Police have requested your services in order to ascertain:

1. From the digital devices seized, is there evidence to support or refute each of the suspects’ involvement in the case;

2. Where there is evidence supporting a suspect’s involvement in the case, what was the suspect’s involvement?

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