CIPD – 5CO02: Your manager has just returned from the monthly Senior Management meeting where all departmental heads have been asked to present a report: Evidence-based practice, Course Work, MOL, UK

Subject CIPD - 5CO02 Evidence-based practice


Your manager has just returned from the monthly Senior Management meeting where all departmental heads have been asked to present a report that showcases how they contribute to business performance. As someone who has experience in evidence-based practice and data analytics, she has asked if you would produce a report for Senior Management that informs what evidence-based practice is and its relevance to people professionals. She would also like you to include practical examples of the types of data analysis that people practitioners use to gain insight on people practices.

In readiness for this you are required to complete a report comprising two sections.

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Section one – report

For section one, you are to produce a report that provides the Senior Management team with knowledge and understanding of what evidence based practice is and the approaches that can be taken for effective critical thinking and decision-making that ensures integrity and value is upheld.

You must ensure that you:

  • Evaluate the concept of evidence-based practice and assess how approaches to evidence-based practice can be used to provide insight that supports sound decision-making across a range of people practices and organisational issues.
  • Evaluate one appropriate analysis tool and one appropriate analysis method that might be applied by organisations to recognise and diagnose issues, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Explain the main principles of critical thinking and describe how these might apply to your own and others’ ideas to assist objective and rational debate.
  • Explain three decision-making processes that can be applied to ensure that effective outcomes are achieved.
  • Assess three different ethical perspectives and explain how understanding of these can be used to inform and influence moral decision-making.
  • Appraise two different ways organisations measure financial and non-financial performance, providing one example of each.
  • Explain how people practices add value in an organisation and identify two methods that might be used to measure the impact of people practices

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section two – Quantitative and qualitative analysis review

For section two, you are to provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis review using the two sets of data provided.

Firstly, review the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Salary data that is presented in Table 1 and provide analysis of it to show the

  • percentage of each gender by type
  • ethnicity as a percentage per team
  • disability percentage as an organisational whole and by teams
  • salary difference across genders
  • overall average salary paid by the organisation

Present your findings using appropriate diagrammatical forms and make justifiable recommendations based on your evaluations.

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