BTEC Level 5: Unit 45- The project for controlling the level of corrosive liquid chemical: Industrial System(Electrical Engineering), Assignment, UK

Subject BTEC Level 5: Unit 45- Industrial System(Electrical Engineering)

LO2 ( Project 2) 

The project for controlling the level of corrosive liquid chemical. In this project you have to select some components by giving justifications for selecting them. corrosive liquid chemical is required to be maintained at a given constant level in a tank. The tank is the reservoir, which is feeding the liquid to the process by a pump. This control system is a first order system with proportional control.

This level controlling can be done using different types transducers and controllers. Therefore, there are different control approaches, namely;

  •  Mechanical control approach
  •  Electrical control approach
  •  Electronic control approach

1. You have been asked to select the proper transducer for this level controlling project. Predict the behaviour of the system to control the level of the liquid chemical by applying variety of transducers and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of them for different applications and choose the best suited solution. Here you may consider possible factors such as range, tank height, riser height and response time.

2. Justify the suitable transducers and controllers for the given system with
mentioning reasons.
3. Identify the interface requirements between electronic, electrical and mechanical controllers and transducers to control the level of the liquid

4. Critically investigate the behaviour of liquid level control system for each of
above control approaches comparison to each other in regard to

  • Accuracy
  •  Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Take action to respond disturbance

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