5OS02: At the start of the assignment, you are encouraged to plan your assessment work with your assessor and: Advances in Digital Learning and Development Case Study, CIPD, UK

University Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject 5OS02: Advances in digital learning and development

Case study

You are a learning and development consultant who has been contracted by a relatively large organization that, in the past, outsourced its L&D function. It is now looking to expand its in-house L&D offering and is keen to utilize the new learning technologies that are available. You have effectively been given a ‘clean sheet’ in which to work, as the only people directly involved will be you and a newly appointed L&D Manager.


  • At the start of the assignment, you are encouraged to plan your assessment work with your assessor and, where appropriate, agree on milestones so that they can help you monitor your progress
  • Refer to the indicative content in the unit guide and support your evidence
  • Pay attention to how your evidence is presented, remember you are working in the People Development Team for this task
  • Ensure that the evidence generated for this assessment remains your own work


  • What should the technological and occupational focus of the review be?
  • What are the work-related outcomes of utilizing artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation technologies?
  • What are the impacts of AI, robotics and automation technologies on professions and society more generally?
  • What are the ethical issues related to the contemporary utilization of AI, robotics, and automation technologies?

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