BTEC HND Level 3 Unit 339 Ethical Hacking Assignment Sample

Course: Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Digital Technologies

BTEC HND Level 3 Unit 339 Ethical Hacking is a great module for those who want to learn how to protect their computer networks from unauthorized access or attack. The course covers a range of topics, from the basics of ethical hacking to more advanced techniques.

If you’re looking for a career in information security, then this is the perfect course for you. It will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this field. And best of all, it’s accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS).

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We’re discussing a variety of things. These are a few of them:

Assignment Activity 1: Know the role of Ethical Hackers.

Ethical hackers play an important role in protecting organizations from cyber-attacks. By identifying vulnerabilities in systems, they help to ensure that data is kept safe and secure.

Ethical hackers are often employed by organizations to conduct penetration tests, which involve attempting to break into systems in order to identify any security vulnerabilities. They may also be called upon to investigate malware infections and ransomware attacks, and to provide advice on how best to protect against such threats.

Ethical hackers must adhere to a strict code of ethics, which requires them to report any vulnerabilities that they find rather than exploit them for personal gain.

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Assignment Activity 2: Understand a range of Ethical Hacking tools and techniques.

Ethical hacking is a term used to describe the process of finding and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network. The goal of ethical hacking is to improve the security of the system or network by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

There are a variety of tools and techniques that can be used for ethical hacking. Some of the most common tools and techniques include:

  • Conducting security audits
  • Performing penetration testing
  • Analyzing systems for vulnerabilities
  • Running security scans
  • Monitoring network traffic
  • Reviewing files 

In order to conduct an effective ethical hack, it is important to have a good understanding of how computers and networks work. This knowledge can help you to better identify potential security issues and find ways to exploit them.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an ethical hacker, then it is essential to have strong technical skills and a solid understanding of security issues. You should also be familiar with relevant programming languages, such as Python and C++. In addition, having a good knowledge of operating systems such as Linux will be helpful when performing penetration tests.

Assignment Activity 3: Plan, execute and report on the process of Ethical Hacking.


The first step of any ethical hacking process is to plan out the attack. This includes understanding the target, their systems, and networks, as well as identifying any potential vulnerabilities.


Once the plan is in place, the next step is to execute the attack. This can include using various tools and techniques to attempt to exploit any vulnerabilities that were identified during the planning stages.


Once the attack is complete, it’s important to report on what was found. This includes documenting all findings, along with information on how the attack was executed and what damage was done. It may also be necessary to develop recommendations for improving security in order to mitigate any vulnerabilities that were identified during the ethical hacking process.

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