Laws Regarding Cyberbullying in the UK Essay Sample

The UK has some strict laws on cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a type of harassment or bullying of a person using modern technology that often includes computers, internet. Cyberbullying because of a single person or a group of individuals can cause harassment and distress.

This is an essay that discusses cyberbullying in detail, it also highlights the reasons why cyberbullying is considered a crime in the UK. The essay also features the different laws that are related to the prevention of cyberbullying in the UK.

Facts about cyberbullying

This section of the essay furnishes information about the concept of cyberbullying. This phenomenon can be said as the utilization of computers and the internet to bully a person. Electronic communication often involves the use of mobile phones, computers, game consoles, and tablets.

Cyberbullying can be caused while using emails, social media website posts, and text messages. Cyberbullying also happens while using chat rooms, interactive video games.

Different cyberbullying examples include posting offensive and embarrassing photos, posts on various social media portals. It involves sending abusive and threatening emails and belittle or embarrass a person, create hake profiles on the web. Cyberbullying is very common online. It is common among the youth.

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The laws regarding cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is not a crime as far as UK laws are concerned. However, a person who is committing an act of cyberbullying is supposedly committing criminal offenses under several acts under UK laws. The different laws that are associated with cyberbullying in the UK are referenced as follows:-

Protections from harassment acts (1997)

As far as the Protections from Harassment Act (1997) are concerned it is a criminal offense for a person to do activities that result in the harassment of others. Activities like sending abusive emails with the intent of causing distress and harm.

If a person is found guilty of such offenses then he or she can receive imprisonment or financial penalties or both. There are other sections of the act in a context that makes sure greater punishment is rendered to those in the UK who are guilty of such crimes.

Malicious communications acts (1988)

The malicious communications Act states that it is an offense for individuals who send messages or communications that are offensive or indecent causing distress and anxiety to the recipients. Persons who are found guilty under this act can receive punishments by imprisonment or fine or both.

Communications Acts (2003)

The communications act of 2003 says that it is an offense to send by using electronic devices communications or messages that are offensive, obscene, and indecent. If a person is found guilty under this act then he or she can receive punishments by imprisonment or fine or both.

Obscene publications acts (1959)

This act makes it criminal posts and publications that are offensive in nature. An obscene article is defined as a post or a publication that aims to corrupt persons who read or see the contents that are part of the post or publication. Publishing incorporates showing, circulating, projecting, or playing the article.

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Public Orders Acts (1986)

The public orders act of 1986 says that it is offensive to utilize abusive, threatening, or insulting words, use indecent or abusive behavior, write or post contents that cause distress, harassment, anxiety to a person.

This harassment is common in recent times as more and more people use mobile phones, smartphones and they engage in sending or sharing contents (textual, images, or video).

Computers Misuse Acts (1990)

If a person engages in cyberbullying and also hacks into personal computers, online accounts then they are committing a crime under this act.

Workspace cyberbullying

Cyberbullying at the workplace is a common problem in recent times. Almost 20% of UK professionals have complained of workspace cyberbullying. Cyberbullying in the office can cause harassment, it can cause anxiety as also distress for the victims.

The UK constitution has laws that state the employers have the responsibility of making sure that the employees get safe work environments. It also states that if an employee is a victim of cyberbullying at the workplace just by utilizing the infrastructure of the company then the employers are considered to be a breach of their respective duties under relevant acts of the UK law.

If you are in the UK and are a victim of cyberbullying then some organizations are there to help you out. These organizations have specialists who provide you advice to counter cyberbullying. These organizations include NSPCC, Anti-bullying Alliances. To know more about these organizations and their contact number, follow relevant links that are available on the web.

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