You are the manager of a regional public library with three branches in a city with a population of 50,000: Enhancing Information Services, TUOS, UK

University The University of Sheffield (TUOS)
Subject Enhancing Information Services


  • Outline the potential challenges and barriers to existing information services provided to users with the existing services,
  • Explain and justify your ideas for enhancing the current information services in your information agency to provide the users/potential users with more efficient services,
  • Explain and discuss your improvements to the information services to support these diverse user groups in the twenty-first century, considering the impact of current and emerging technologies on your services.
  • Consider the role of information professionals in your recommendations for enhancing services.


You are the manager of a regional public library with three branches in a city with a population of 50,000. There are a number of user groups that have been identified as requiring particular attention. These groups include:

  • A large number of young professionals do not have time to visit the library building.
  • An Indigenous community is associated with one of the branch libraries.
  • A large immigrant and refugee community have moved to the city in recent years.

The current information services in this library network are primarily based on a physical reference desk at the main branch with some limited options including phone and email. You are hoping to enhance information service providers to increase their usage and relevance to the community paying particular attention to those groups identified.

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